About us

Our Experience — the Pledge of Your Success

CosmoTranslation Agency is a fast-grawing translation service provider based in Ukraine. Our team is comprised of high quality professional translators, editors and project manager so, we can guarantee on time accuracy within your budget. We understand the cultural differences between languages and use the precise terminology suitable for your industry.

CosmoTranslation offers translation services in finance and law, medicine and insurance, standartization, quality system, civil and industrial construction, marketing, management, economics, advertising and more. We are prepared to solve your translation problems by the time fixed. To ensure the quality of our work we tailored special step-by-step process, which allows us to fit the needs of our clients, regardless of the size or scope of the project.

Why CosmoTranslation Agency

  • in-time delivery
  • free quotes on all projects
  • quality you can trust
  • affordable rates
  • discounts for new and regular clients
  • consultancy services

Define your need is the most important step. This could include a discussion of timelines and budget, your intended audience and requirements specific to your industry and local market. CosmoTranslation Agency is well known for holding an interest in prosperity of each its client. Project manager coordinates your project from start to finish and provides you with all required information with regard to execution, certification, as well as further authentication of your documents, if required.

Projects always are assigned in line with a subject area of text and its complexity between right specialists of Cosmo Team having extensive experience in required area and being capable of conveying the meaning adequately.

Before accepting your order, our experts learn about the objective and define the most acceptable means for task solution.

We do not attempt tasks that can turn out to be needless for various reasons and be without any effect.

You will be consulted on certification, target language and even list of documents required in order to succeed. We can help you to solve any problems within Having work experience of many years with immigration services, notariate, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, embassies and consular offices of different countries, we can help you to solve any problems in reasonable period of time and minimize your expenses.

We are aware of the importance of our undertaken liabilities and guarantee privacy of your information. Any information gained from the client’s document is strictly confidential. We do not keep copies of your documents. They will be returned to you with the completed translation or eliminated before you. On the other hand we keep all translated projects in our archive and you can receive your translation with required certification at any time.

Gross mistakes in your documents costs much more then services of our experienced editors

Do not allow awkward mistakes spoil your reputation.